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Teeth Whitening

Brighten your smile with Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening overview

Professional Teeth Whitening Services from the Bracebridge Denture Clinic

As we age, our smiles naturally become more susceptible to discolouration and staining. Luckily, our professional teeth whitening services at the Bracebridge Denture Clinic can help to effectively treat surface tooth stains.

Thanks to the latest teeth-whitening technology and custom-made systems, whiter and brighter teeth are only one office visit away. Our whitening system includes a peroxide-based gel and a custom-fitted appliance that can be worn at the comfort of your home while delivering professional results.

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The Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure

At the Bracebridge Denture Clinic, we offer custom-made at-home whitening systems, which will allow you to achieve professional-level results in the convenience of your own home.

At-home treatments include custom-fitted trays filled with a professional-grade whitening solution, which can be worn overnight or during the day. As soon as in 10 to 14 days, you will be able to see an incredible difference, with even more impressive results appearing at the end of the whitening period.

You Deserve a New Smile!

Bracebridge Denture Clinic has been taking care of client’s denture and implant needs since 2009. We have a team that is knowledgeable and has years of experience in this field to help you out. Do you want to know how drastically your smile can change when you visit our clinic? Check out the before and after pictures of some of our customers.
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3 simple steps

Our teeth whiteneing procedure involves several steps

Step 1

A mould of your teeth will be taken during a quick in-office appointment. We will then use the mould to fabricate custom trays, which will allow the whitening product to effectively reach all the surfaces of your teeth.

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Step 2

Once the custom trays are fabricated, you can pick them up at the Bracebridge Denture Clinic alongside with a professional whitening solution. We will explain in detail how to apply the solution and wear the trays at home.

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Step 3

After 10 to 14 days of at-home application, you will start seeing an incredible difference and a gorgeous, white smile!

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Why Whiten Your Teeth

Benefits of Dental Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatments in Bracebridge are an excellent way to boost your confidence and improve your self-image when your favourite foods and drinks have affected the appearance of your teeth.

If you can’t imagine your life without coffee, tea, wine, soda, or dark fruits, your teeth will likely reflect that. If you smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco on a regular basis, you will notice significant teeth staining over time as well. Luckily, with our at-home teeth whitening kit, you have nothing to worry about!

Enhanced Appearance

We all desire to look young and successful, – and stained teeth can ruin even the most polished of looks. When you professionally whiten your teeth, it gives your appearance a giant boost, making you look young, fresh, and healthy.

Improved Self-Esteem and Confidence

Many people who suffer from tooth discolouration lose self-confidence and feel uncomfortable smiling and laughing in public. Luckily, the problem can be easily resolved with a professional teeth whitening kit offered at the Bracebridge Denture Clinic.

Better Oral Health

While teeth whitening is done for cosmetic purposes, the cosmetic improvements can put you on the right track when it comes to oral hygiene habits. Naturally, you would not want to invest in professional teeth whitening only to stop brushing and flossing the next day.

Long-Lasting Results

Unlike over-the-counter whitening kits, professional-grade treatments provide long-lasting results. At the Bracebridge Denture Clinic, we are happy to offer you the latest and the most effective whitening systems available on the market.

Looking for Teeth Whitening Services in Bracebridge? Look No More!

Over-the-counter whitening systems and teeth whitening strips purchased online cannot be compared to professional teeth whitening in effectiveness. At the Bracebridge Denture Clinic, we take professional teeth whitening seriously, just like the rest of the dental services we offer. By working with our dedicated dental team, you can safely, quickly, and effectively brighten your smile.

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