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Lower Suction Dentures

What are the benefits of SEMC Dentures?

SEMCD overview

Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Dentures (SEMCD)

If you have ever worn full lower dentures, chances are you have struggled with looseness, movement, and misalignment of your prosthetics. Unfortunately, even perfectly-fitted lower dentures often feel uncomfortable while speaking and eating due to the way that the lower jaw functions.

Luckily, at the Bracebridge Denture Clinic, we are fully trained and certified at the revolutionary denture technology known as Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Dentures or SEMCD. Unlike traditional dentures, SEMCD, more commonly known as “lower suction dentures”, can achieve a stronger seal with soft tissues, which allows the prosthetic to stay in place when you need it to.

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What are Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Dentures?

Prior to the invention of Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Dentures, keeping lower (mandibular) dentures in place was a constant struggle for denture wearers. Patients had to use special adhesives to hold the prosthetic in place. However, the adhesive didn’t stay in place for too long, and its unpleasant taste often led to appetite loss among patients.

Finally, in 1999, Dr. Jiro Abe revolutionized denture technology with his lower suction denture invention. With SEMCD technique, a special dental impression is first taken to capture the natural shape of a patient’s oral cavity. During the procedure, the bony structures and soft tissues are accurately recorded to ensure the optimal denture fit. The patient is even asked to make specific movements and sounds with the impression device in their mouth to make sure that every little detail is captured by the impression material.

Then, a perfectly-fitted denture is created with a lighter, more streamlined base. Because of its unique shape, SEMC dentures can achieve perfect suction, without the need for denture adhesives.

You Deserve a New Smile!

Bracebridge Denture Clinic has been taking care of client’s denture and implant needs since 2009. We have a team that is knowledgeable and has years of experience in this field to help you out. Do you want to know how drastically your smile can change when you visit our clinic? Check out the before and after pictures of some of our customers.
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Why you need SEMC dentures

Are SEMC Dentures Right for Me?

Any patient that wears full dentures can benefit from SEMCD technology as long as they have not had recent tooth extractions.

At your consultation appointment for Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Dentures, our denturist Andre will examine your oral tissues and discuss the treatment options suitable for your case. Unlike immediate dentures, SEMCD treatment is not suitable for patients who have had recent extractions, – if that is the case, Andre will recommend to allow approximately one year of healing prior to fitting you for SEMC dentures.

Even in the most complex cases, where it is impossible to attain perfect lower denture suction, patients can benefit significantly from the new technology. Unlike conventional dentures, SEMCD works perfectly in harmony with your jaw and muscle movements, improving the overall fit, comfort, and stability of the prosthetic.

Achieve Ultimate Comfort with SEMC Dentures from the Bracebridge Denture Clinic

If you are unhappy with the function and comfort of your complete lower dentures, don’t despair! At the Bracebridge Denture Clinic, we are happy to offer the revolutionary SEMC denture treatment. With Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Dentures created by Andre and his denture team, you will be able to discover the joy of comfortable biting, chewing, and talking once again. Give us a call today to learn more.

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