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Denture Repair

What is denture repair and why it is important.

Repair overview

Denture Repair, Rebase, and Reline Services from the Bracebridge Denture Clinic

In addition to letting you smile with confidence, dentures can help you speak clearly in social settings and enjoy your favourite foods comfortably. If you are afraid of your denture becoming loose or breaking unexpectedly, don’t fret! You may not need to replace your broken, worn or ill-fitting dentures.

At the Bracebridge Denture Clinic, a skilled and experienced Denturist can automatically determine if you are eligible for rebase, reline or repair. If repairs are an option, they can often be done that day, in our own on-site lab. Keep reading to learn more about denture repair services we offer to clients in Bracebridge, Muskoka, and surrounding areas.

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Why You May Require Denture Repair

Denture repairs may be necessary after breakage or chipping, when teeth must be added to an existing denture or due to normal wear. In most cases, your broken or cracked denture can be restored to its original state.

Below, we have compiled important information that will help you determine whether you require denture repair services in Bracebridge.

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Why You May Require Denture Repair

Unfortunately, dentures are not built to last a lifetime, and you will likely require denture repair sooner or later.

Dropping or hitting your dentures by accident can cause them to crack or break completely. In addition, improper denture maintenance can cause your dentures to wear and tear excessively. Even if you take great care of your dental appliances, they can become loose over time as your jaw bone continues to shrink.

Here are a few risk factors that can cause damage to your dentures:

You Deserve a New Smile!

Bracebridge Denture Clinic has been taking care of client’s denture and implant needs since 2009. We have a team that is knowledgeable and has years of experience in this field to help you out. Do you want to know how drastically your smile can change when you visit our clinic? Check out the before and after pictures of some of our customers.
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Signs Your Dentures Might Be Broken

Sometimes, denture damage is not very apparent. If you are not sure whether your dentures require repairs, look out for the following signs:


You may experience pinching if your denture has a crack, which may not be big enough to see with a naked eye.

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If you feel like your gum or tongue is being cut, this might indicate that there is a chipped section in your denture.

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Thinning Gum

Over time, the denture’s gum area might begin to tear over time. Sometimes, you might even see a small hole in the gum area.

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If you notice any signs of wear and tear of your denture or experience continuous discomfort while wearing it, visit the Bracebridge Denture Clinic for a check-up.

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Broken Dentures: What to Do?

If your dentures get damaged or become loose over time, schedule an appointment with the Bracebridge Denture Clinic at your earliest convenience. If your denture requires a repair, it can most likely be completed on the same day.

If your denture got shattered, make sure to collect and bring in as many broken pieces from the denture as possible and never attempt to glue the denture back together by yourself. Applying glue to your dentures can distort the fitting edges, which will make it extremely difficult for Andre to mend the appliance. As long as you bring all the broken pieces to us, you don’t have to worry about putting them back together on your own.

Knowing the difference

Denture Reline vs Rebase

If your dentures are not obviously broken but no longer sit comfortably in your mouth, you might require a denture rebase or reline. Timely denture rebasing and relining not only improve the immediate fitting of your dentures but also help them to last for many years to come.

Denture Reline

During a denture reline, new base material is added to the denture’s tissue side, leading to a better fit. Your Denturist will make an impression within your denture and add new base material accordingly. This process does not affect the aesthetic appearance of your denture, but only the way it fits within your mouth. Relining procedures are only required when tissue changes occur due to shrinkage. These can occur due to:

You might need denture relining if you experience:

Denture Rebase

Rebasing is done when the prosthetic teeth have not worn out as much as the base material of the base. This includes retrofitting dentures by replacing the complete acrylic denture base. In this way, you can receive a stable denture without replacing denture teeth. Denture rebasing is the procedure of choice when all the prosthetic teeth are in good condition, but the acrylic is worn out or damaged.

You might need denture rebasing if:

Let Us Take Care of All Your Denture Repair Needs

Whether your denture feels loose and uncomfortable or is completely shattered to pieces, we can help! At the Bracebridge Denture Clinic, we are happy to offer denture repair, relining, and rebasing services to patients in Bracebridge, Muskoka, and surrounding areas.

You don’t have to suffer with an uncomfortable or worn out denture. Contact us today to book your repair appointment.

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