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Custom Mouth Guards

Protect your teeth with a custom mouth guard

Custom mouth guard overview

Custom Mouth Guards from the Bracebridge Denture Clinic

If you or your child participate in contact sports of any kind, investing in a custom-fit mouthguard should be a priority number one. Indeed, sports-related injuries are a leading cause of tooth loss – damage that could have been prevented with wearing a custom mouth guard in Bracebridge.

At the Bracebridge Denture Clinic, we offer dental mouth guards to patients of all ages. As compared to over-the-counter alternatives, our sports guards provide superior protection and help to significantly reduce the risk of orofacial injuries. They are comfortable, long-lasting, and, most importantly, incredibly effective.

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Custom mouth guards explained

What is a Custom Mouth Guard?

Custom-made mouthguards are the most effective way to protect your teeth and mouth while playing contact sports, such as football, hockey, or lacrosse.

Athletic mouth guards are made of soft plastic and are adapted to fit snugly over upper teeth. When you consider that the average cost of replacing one lost tooth is approximately $5,000, mouth guards are a wise investment. In addition to protecting teeth, they protect lips, cheeks and tongue.

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Custom mouth guards benefits

Why Wear a Mouth Guard?

The unfortunate truth is that teeth do not grow back. This means that protecting your teeth is a worthwhile investment in your long-term oral health.

While playing sports can be risky, you don’t need to avoid your favourite activity altogether. At the Bracebridge Denture Clinic, we can fabricate a custom mouthguard for you that will keep your teeth safe while you are playing your favourite sport.

Mouth guards should be worn every time you are involved in an activity that can lead to falls or head impact from other players or equipment. Some of these sports are baseball, football, basketball, hockey, or soccer. Hockey and football are the most dangerous for teeth, but almost half mouth injuries occur in baseball and basketball.

Luckily, wearing a custom mouth guard can help to reduce your chance of sustaining an oral injury by nearly 90%.

You Deserve a New Smile!

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What You Need to Know

Dental Mouth Guards

Below, we have prepared a quick run-down of the important facts you need to know to prepare for getting your custom mouth guard from the Bracebridge Denture Clinic.

What Type of Mouth Guard is Best?

Any mouth guard is good, as long as it fits comfortably. The Canadian Dental Association recommends that a good mouth guard should be thick enough in the correct areas, well retained, resilient, comfortable, and shouldn’t interfere with your breathing or speaking. To ensure proper fit, protection and comfort, consult Andre, our professional denturist.

Mouth Guard Procedure

Getting fit for your mouthguard is a painless and relatively fast process.

You will need at least 2 in-office appointments, approximately 30 minutes each. During your first visit, records and impressions of your teeth will be taken. The molds will then be used to fabricate your personalized mouthguard. It will be created from a soft plastic material that will stay securely in your mouth.

At the next appointment, your mouthguard will be fitted to ensure that it sits comfortably and effectively protects your teeth and jaws. Custom mouthguards are superior to over-the-counter products. At the Bracebridge Denture Clinic, we use only the highest quality of materials and ensure an impeccable fit of your protective guard.

Mouth Guard Care

All mouth guards should be stored in a plastic container in order to prevent damage due to cold or heat. They should be washed with cold or lukewarm water after each use; hot water may result in distortion. You may choose to rinse your mouth guard in mouthwash prior to use. Mouth guards should be replaced every two to three years.

Here is a quick summary of good mouthguard care practices:

Custom Mouth Guard FAQ

No. Even though athletic mouthguards and night guards for bruxism (teeth grinding) may look similar, they are fabricated for two quite different purposes. Custom athletic guards are designed to absorb shock to your teeth from sports-related impacts. Even if worn overnight, they will not stop your teeth from grinding with each other. To prevent teeth grinding, you will need to wear a night guard, which is more sturdy and designed differently.

At the Bracebridge Denture Clinic, we recommend replacing custom mouth guards at least once a year for children and every two to three years for adults. These mouthguards are fabricated to fit your or your child’s teeth at the time of fabrication. As your child is continuously growing, so do his or her teeth and mouth. Therefore, a new mouthguard is required every sports season to prevent sports-related oral injuries.

Yes, you can wear a mouthguard with braces. In fact, if you have braces and play contact sports, a custom mouthguard becomes even more important! At the Bracebridge Denture Clinic, we can fabricate mouthguards specifically for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment in order to effectively protect them from impact.

Keep Your Teeth Protected with the Bracebridge Denture Clinic

While contact sports may be fun and exciting, falls and impacts can present real danger to the health of your teeth. Luckily, with custom mouth guards from the Bracebridge Denture Clinic, you can receive reliable protection from sports-related injuries

No matter how old you are and what sport you play, mouth guards are critical to sports safety. Protect your smile and preserve your health; ensure that you have a professionally made and properly-fitted mouth guard.

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